Flat Slab

Flat Slab

Quality Slabs

Quality flat slabs are crucial components of commercial and industrial facilities. The ability to transport materials and products efficiently can be impeded by poor performing concrete joints, uncontrolled cracks and surface imperfections. A properly designed slab will allow equipment to travel across the surface and joints with minimal impact to the slab or the equipment itself.

A Need for Quality Joints

Greenstreak has long been a leading provider and innovator of products to improve concrete joint performance, including joints in slabs. Properly designed and constructed joints are key to producing a slab that will provide the owner years of service. Often subject to internal and external stresses, these joints must be designed to withstand many forces. Proper joint design includes a dowel system to transfer loads across and manage stresses within the joint.

Construction, contraction and expansion joints all have situational applications in slabson-grade. Knowing each have unique characteristics and construction requirements, Greenstreak has developed dowel systems to suit all types of joints.

For Construction Joints

Speed Dowel is a patented two-component system that is far superior to traditional slip dowel methods for aligning and installing round or square dowels in construction joints. Speed Dowel eliminates many of the installation steps required using old methods and ensures proper dowel alignment.

Speed Plate is a patented plate dowel system, which immediately accommodates lateral and axial movement produced by concrete shrinkage at construction joints. The large, non-tapered plate design reduces bearing stresses on the concrete and ensures consistent bearing stresses at the joint face and full embedded depth of dowel.

For Saw-Cut Contraction Joints For Expansion Joints

Speed Load is a patented dowel sleeve, which passes through an expansion board to accept round dowels. Speed Load provides an efficient method for installing and aligning round dowels in expansion joints that are critical to the quality of the slab.

A Better Edge

Many of today’s slabs are placed using laser-guided screed equipment. This equipment offers many advantages, but often requires hand-finishing techniques at conventional edge forms, which can compromise FF and FL numbers at those locations.

Laser Form is a patented edge forming system that allows laser-guided screeds to operate to the outer edges of the slab, eliminating less accurate and labor-intensive hand finishing, while creating a stronger slab edge.

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