The World's Number One Injection Hose System

FUKO is a specially designed and patented solid core PVC Injection Hose System which is installed in concrete joints to waterproof and seal any cracks or voids in the joint area. The FUKO System seals joints watertight and offers a complete maintenance program if leakage appears in the future. When Portland Cement, Microfine Cement, or Duroseal Injection Resins are selected, the FUKO System can be used for multiple reinjections — a significant advantage over any other hose system available.

The FUKO Reinjectile Hose System is a logical step forward in improving waterstop technology. Utilizing this state-of-the-art injection system results in "zero leak tolerance." Easy to install and reasonably priced — FUKO simplifies the job and guarantees watertight joints.

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